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Band Bio

Patchwork Yak is a Calgary and Victoria-based mostly-acoustic roots band comprised of Murray Fitch (guitar, banjo, uke, harmonica), Suzi Martin (guitar, banjo, percussion) and Erik Smistad (bass, guitar). Expect music ranging from gentle and sweet to rowdy with a solid groove. Suzi and Murray are both songwriters, having reached the finals of songwriting contests on several occasions. The Yak’s sets consist of mostly original songs with a few choice covers. Expect variety, harmonies, groove, great melodies, sing-alongs, and songs to make you think, laugh or cry.

A 30-word statement about Patchwork Yak

Patchwork Yak is a mostly-acoustic, mostly-originals roots band. Murray Fitch, Suzi Martin, and Erik Smistad play guitar, banjo, bass, uke, drums, etc. to make you laugh, cry, groove and think.


“Patchwork Yak were one of the highlights of our Music for the Wild concert series. Their music is original, high energy, moving and engaging. Our audience couldn’t sit still and they didn’t want the set to stop.” ~ George Campbell, Music Director / Music for the Wild Concert Series, Alberta Wilderness Association

“Patchwork Yak create a fine and unique musical group with a special sound, and a remarkable song repertoire including original songs that grab your heart and your mind. Our members live with cancer, and music is a key element, benefitting members physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Patchwork Yak, with their special brand of humanity and humour are perfect for our audiences … straight-up honest sense of life and energy in their work.” ~ Anna Carnell, Wellspring Alberta Program Coordinator

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Photos by Wendy Ogden

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